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LJR Fire and Security’s Exceptional Service for Notting Hill Genesis




Notting Hill Genesis (NHG), a prominent housing association, faced challenges with overrun works spanning electrical, carpentry, and FRA remedial tasks. LJRfire and Security stepped in, not only to address these challenges but to elevate the standards of service and compliance.

The Challenge:

NHG’s portal consistently displayed jobs that had overrun. These jobs, primarily in Post FRA Remedial Works, Electrical, and Carpentry, required immediate attention and strict adherence to contracts compliance.

The LJR Approach:

  1. Swift Turnaround: LJR committed to a tight timeframe of just two weeks for job completion. Impressively, we consistently met a 95% KPI each month, showcasing our dedication and efficiency.
  2. Professionalism at its Best: Every LJR contractor visiting NHG sites wore the company uniform and carried an ID badge. Our approach to gaining access was thorough – from knocking and directly contacting residents to leaving letters and maintaining constant communication with the Housing Officer (HO).
  3. Seamless Collaboration: NHG and LJR established a smooth workflow. NHG provided us with job details, and in return, we furnished booking information to the housing officer, contacted the resident, and aimed for a first-time fix. If a job required further attention, we promptly offered NHG a quote variation. Each completed job was accompanied by a comprehensive report, complete with before and after pictures.
  4. Going the Extra Mile: LJR’s commitment to excellence meant we consistently went above and beyond. Our primary goal was ensuring both NHG and their residents were not only safe but thoroughly satisfied with our services.
  5. Future Endeavors: With a proven track record, LJR aims to further solidify our partnership by offering our services on NHG Frameworks.

The Outcome:

LJR’s proactive approach, combined with our commitment to quality and timely delivery, ensured that NHG’s overrun jobs were addressed efficiently. Our consistent communication and dedication to the task at hand ensured that NHG’s expectations were not just met, but exceeded.

Client Testimonial:

Richard Hyacinth from NHG remarked, “good contractor & good communicator.” This succinct feedback encapsulates the trust and satisfaction NHG has in LJRfire and Security.

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