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Fire and Security Project for PBM Property Management




When PBM sought a reliable partner for their fire safety projects, a recommendation led them to LJR Fire and Security Group. As an approved supplier with a reputation for excellence, LJR seamlessly collaborated with PBM, resulting in successful fire safety implementations and a strengthened partnership.

The Beginning:

LJR’s introduction to PBM came through a mutual client who had experienced our top-tier services firsthand. Recognizing our expertise, this client referred LJR to PBM, setting the stage for a fruitful collaboration.

Scope of Work:

LJR assisted PBM in various fire safety projects, including:

  • Fire Doors
  • CCTV Systems
  • Fire Alarm Installations

The LJR Approach:

  1. Resident-Centric Planning: Understanding the importance of resident convenience, LJR and PBM jointly ensured a 4-week lead time. This proactive approach facilitated easier access and minimized disruptions for residents.
  2. Digital Collaboration: LJR utilized PBM’s FixFlo platform for seamless communication. Through this platform, we consistently provided our reports and invoices, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
  3. Structured Workflow: PBM would request a quote for their portfolio projects. Upon acceptance, LJR outlined the next steps, after which PBM communicated with the residents. LJR then scheduled and executed the tasks, always ensuring the timing was suitable for all parties involved. A hallmark of our service was the issuance of a detailed completion report within just two days of job completion.
  4. Elevated Safety Standards: Our collaboration led to marked improvements in safety and compliance for PBM’s properties, ensuring residents lived in a secure environment.

Ongoing Partnership:

The synergy between LJR and PBM wasn’t a fleeting one. The two entities continue to work together, addressing fire safety needs and ensuring top-notch service delivery.

Client Testimonial:

Alex Wilson from PBM shared his experience, stating, “LJR Fire & Security Group were recommended to me by a client. From obtaining costings to arranging remedial works, they are speedy, efficient, and reasonably priced. The team is always eager to assist and provide advice, regardless of the magnitude of the issue.”

LJR Fire and Security Group remains committed to delivering excellence, ensuring safety, and fostering lasting partnerships.

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